All Therapists in New York

  • Cheryl Hurst, LCSW-R

    Therapy takes courages. It can be a challenging, interesting, vulnerable and illuminating experience. Taking this step to start mental health treatment is a step toward reaching your goals. Working through family difficulties, career stressors and life events take dedication. If you’ve found yourself stuck in a sprial of overthinking and Read more [...]

  • Alan Vanell, LMHC

    In therapy, it is my goal to create a safe relationship that relies on trust, respect, and patience; to compose a pathway that allows for us to insightfully explore your inner thoughts and feelings to bring transformative changes and meaning to your present life. I work dynamically and collaboratively to Read more [...]

  • Dr. Nicole Murray

    We all attempt to stop the feelings of depression and anxiety by doing it on our own. I bet you’ve tried physical distractions, talking with friends and family (sometimes strangers), online searches and endless hours on medical websites such as WebMd, trying to figure out what is going on with Read more [...]

  • Dr. Kristina Daniels

    Life can feel overwhelming at times. Some might find it difficult to find the emotional courage to seek psychotherapy when you are already dealing with a quagmire of complex competing loyalties, identities, and personal and political conflicts. Whether you are dealing with the stress of racial identity, cultural integration, concerns Read more [...]

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