All Therapists in New York

  • Teresa Meadows

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has been in the mental health field for over fifteen years, including working on inpatient units. What I found missing was talk therapy. The individuals hospitalized never received on going therapy to get to what the real issues were. It was more Read more [...]

  • Dr. Kristina Daniels

    Life can feel overwhelming at times. Some might find it difficult to find the emotional courage to seek psychotherapy when you are already dealing with a quagmire of complex competing loyalties, identities, and personal and political conflicts. Whether you are dealing with the stress of racial identity, cultural integration, concerns Read more [...]

  • Jelisha Gatling, LMFT

    As a marriage & family therapist, my work centers on helping couples and individuals navigate relationship issues. Whether you are single, dating, married, or in between….it’s important to heal from past wounds to experience yourself and your relationships in more positive ways. We all have baggage….baggage from our childhood…baggage from Read more [...]

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