All Therapists in Georgia


    Clayton Hunt, LCSW

    I work collaboratively with clients to establish mutually agreed upon therapeutic goals and provide a comfortable space to explore, discuss, and be heard. My therapy style combines DBT, CBT and Motivational Interviewing therapies and is tailored to the specific needs of each individual. With these approaches, I empower my clients Read more [...]


    Candace Bynum

    If you are beginning your search for a therapist, you have already taken a courageous step. You may be at a place where the feelings you are experiencing and the circumstances you are in are creating a lot of distress. You want help, but perhaps are not sure what the Read more [...]

  • Dr. Alvin Sutherland, Jr.

    We commit to staying on the leading edge of the exploration and discovery of human potential. Your decision to seek counseling heralds a turning point in your life. In our rapidly changing world, people often seek professional guidance to remain on an even keel. We currently serve 11 counties in Read more [...]

  • William H. Hemphill II

    I work with couples because I have been married for over 20 years and know some of the challenges and rewards of being in a stable relationship. Also, as a child of divorce I understand some of the damage and trauma a broken relationship can bring to children. In particular Read more [...]

  • Mrs. Socrotiff Michael

    Reaching out for help, often time is not easy; whether you are an individual, couple or family; however, it can be the best decision you can make for your life and your relationship. Having a safe place to process your feelings and move towards becoming a healthy whole person can Read more [...]

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