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Thank You For Supporting Our Efforts

Donations for help men receive free therapy sessions.

A large part of our core mission is to make therapy extremely accessible for Black men. By donating, you’ll be helping someone get the support they need without any of the financial burden.

Additionally, we’re collecting donations to improve our website, making our database more accessible for users and members alike!

It’s expensive to build, administer and maintain a website like We’re in the process of rebuilding our site from the ground up to create a better user experience for our visitors and members. Our new site will allow members to add even more in-depth information to their pages. With the ability to add multiple profiles for employees, update billing information, and more on their own, members can do so much more, reducing time and administration costs for the site’s creators moving forward. By giving the members the ability to create these more detailed profiles, more time will be spent bettering the site’s resources for the community.

* Donations are not tax deductible.

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