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July 5, 2021
The great sleep divide - by Katherine Ellison, Knowable Magazine

"Sleep deficits are robbing poor people and racial minorities of health and earning power. What can be done?" READ MORE

May 10, 2021
People of color have a new enemy: techno-racism - by Faith Karimi, CNN

"As protesters take to the streets to fight for racial equality in the United States, experts in digital technology are quietly tackling a lesser known but related injustice." This article discusses the issue of 'techno-racism' which is an inherent part of some of the technology in wide use today. READ MORE

May 10, 2021
America's racial reckoning is putting a spotlight on Black mental health - by Doha Madani, NBC News

"The pandemic, economic anxiety, and reignited fights on racist structures have created a 'mental health tsunami' in the Black community." This article discusses how recent events have exacerbated mental health issues in the Black community. READ MORE

April 22, 2021
Ask a Black Therapist: 4 Ways to Support Black People's Mental Health - By Ashley Vaughan, CNN

"In the aftermath of Floyd's murder and Chauvin's trial, African Americans are fighting harder than ever to protect and prioritize their mental health. And Black men and women are exhausted." This CNN article offers mental health advice and resources for our very challenging time. READ MORE

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