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So, what’s the difference between a coach and a therapist?

Therapists focus more on mental health and emotional healing while coaches create targeted action plans to help their clients achieve goals.

If you’re looking for motivation, encouragement, purpose, or success, a life coach may be for you. Here are some examples of topics a coach can help with:

  • How to gain confidence
  • Helping explore and realize career options
  • Improving relationships
  • Losing weight to feel better physically and mentally

Using’s directory, find a coach by location and area(s) of expertise. View their certifications and more to see if they’ll be a fit for you.

Disclaimer: These individual practices are not managed by and this organization assumes no legal responsibility for the governing of the individual or his/her practice. At, men will also find a wide range of resources aimed at helping them in their search for a multiculturally-competent coach.

Use the controls below to filter the list which will make your search easier. Some coaches may offer services in more than one location so don't ignore 'Second Location'.
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