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Join As A Therapist or Coach makes it easy for clients and therapists (and coaches) to connect.

Expand your network of clients by providing support rooted in multicultural awareness to Black men across the U.S.

Join our online directory of mental health professionals and coaches today!

Membership Benefits

  • Create a custom profile that you can edit at any time
  • Get featured as a new member on our search page(s) when you join
  • Site visitors can contact you directly, so scheduling new appointments is easy
  • Likely receive referrals from other professionals
  • Get featured on all of our social media profiles for greater personal visibility
  • Land potential opportunities for writing guest blog posts (linked to your profile) for greater personal visibility
  • Potential to work with professional athletes
  • Possess the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of a movement to eliminate the stigma that Black men face when they consider therapy as an option

What's Included On Your Profile

  • A description of yourself and your practice
  • Up to 5 images
  • Other relevant information (profession, qualifications, education, license, finances, insurance, specialties, treatment modality, languages, treatment orientation etc.)
  • Links for sharing on social media
  • Links to your website and social media profiles
  • A contact form
  • Integrated Google maps

Ready to join? Pick the membership option that suits you best

Get ready to have your practice information shared with thousands of Black men looking for a therapist (or coach) like you! You can choose an individual or team membership and for each of these you can choose monthly or annual billing.

I'm in! What's Next?

Step 1 - Sign Up: Choose your membership options and sign up during the checkout process.

Step 2 - Add Your Profile: Add your public profile to the directory. This gives your prospective clients the information they need.

Step 3 - Publish Your Profile: When your profile is complete, request approval. We will approve and publish your profile within 48 hours if there are no issues.

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