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August 27, 2019
Breakups or Blessings in Disguise

The ramifications of a breakup can impact all of those around you. This could be your family, friends, kids, co-workers and more if they’ve built a bond with your former partner. Little things, like where will you go for the holidays, how the yard is going to get cut and who will make sure the […]

August 26, 2019
What Triggers You?

Some say that triggers aren’t a real thing. I tend to disagree. Most of us can recall a song from the past that was dedicated to a relationship and was “our song.” It could be twenty years down the road and when that song comes on and you’re singing along with it, the thoughts and […]

June 17, 2019
I Said I Do, Now What?

When people typically think marriage, they see this as happily ever after. Most don’t realize or focus on the work, compromise or difficulties that come along with the “I Do’s.” You are two people, with two different backgrounds and sometimes varying outlooks on life. There will be things that still need to be worked on […]

March 6, 2019
3 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

In today’s society, we see all types of couples on social media and television; and most of us are holding them to the standards of #Relationshipgoals. Some have been together for a while and others for two hot seconds. We have a tendency to praise these unions or relationships because of the status of the […]

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