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Finding the right therapist can often be a lengthy and challenging process, and some people may not know where to begin. Determining what kind of therapist is best suited for treating a particular issue is not the easiest of tasks. is a directory to help men of color in their search for a therapist. Using the directory, men can search by therapist location and specialization. Searching by location, the results will include the therapists near you and will display their credentials, location, and the issues they treat.

At, men will also find a wide range of resources aimed at helping them in their search for a multiculturally-competent therapist.

Wishing you the best in your search for the right therapist.

Mission and Vision

In partnership with licensed mental health professionals and coaches in private practice throughout the fifty states, provides proactive, multiculturally competent care to men of color. makes it easy for clients and therapists and coaches to connect with each other.

What Black Men Are Saying About Therapy

Therapy has help me look at the things I have done and why I receive certain results. It has also made me more conscious of how interact people.


As a Black man, I was taught that therapy was for weak people. As I matured I realized that line of thinking was asinine and getting your feelings sorted out was one of the best things you can do. I love to workout and I think of therapy as a workout of the mind. Working out strengthens the body and keep it fresh and active. Therapy works out the mind. Keeping things bottled up isn’t a healthy way to live. I’m very open about going to therapy.  Women are much more accepting than men but hopefully, one day, we as Black men will be as comfortable doing therapy sessions as we are going to watch the game.


I am a middle-aged black man. Like many of us who grew up in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, therapy had never been in the forefront of my emotional development. After having gone through infidelity, on my part, and realizing just how that was a manifestation of deeper and underlying emotional frailties current and past, I fully support therapy as a healthy route to developing a more comprehensive understanding of myself. I love my development and perpetual growth I am experiencing and I could only have reached where I am by going through what I have been exposed to in my personal life and in my therapy sessions. My simple philosophy is that I am in a tunnel and am simply passing through, no matter the speed I am not stuck. I am moving in the most positive direction for me.


I was always told “If something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it”. That’s not always the case! You can always enhance and improve yourself. Given the right tools, you can discover that people, places and things are not always what they seem. Engaging in therapy with Vladimire has definitely empowered me with the insight to recognize, scrutinize and have a better understanding on life’s tricky moments.

Joel Toppin

Coming to the conclusion that therapy may be good for me was an extremely humbling one. As black men, we are taught and expected to be nothing but strong - for our women, our children, and in the face of white society. We shield our emotions and mistake this for true masculinity. If anything, not speaking about my personal issues, my fears, my deep desires to be loved, wanted, successful, etc. has set me back. However, therapy may have been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Vladimire is the first and only therapist I have seen. She has been a true angel, challenging me to see different perspectives on my life - from my romantic relationship, to how my childhood and expectations from others have molded my own views of who I am. She has been instrumental in aiding the change of my mindset, and shifting how I view everyday situations. One of the most important components in my opinion is how her belief in God / spirituality has shown through her advisement. Always so kind, welcoming, warm. She leads passionately, but with a calm hand and purposeful tongue. I am truly grateful for her guidance. My hope is that more black men experience the benefit of therapy, and how it can help deliver us from our internal demons and release, “it’s ok to feel. It’s ok to express.” This is how we grow and become who we want to be.

Nova Kei - Music Producer / Photographer / Event Producer

Therapy for Black man is mostly looked at as a form of being weak. Me telling my peers that I attend therapy might even be laughed at with some of my immature friends. But those that are a bit more well rounded would agree that it’s needed to balance a very demanding lifestyle filled with daily pressures. Pressures like, being a black man in the workforce, being a black father, how we are perceived by the female gender and just being a black man in America can all lead to moments where we tend to act out of character. I did this often. I would let the weight of the world get so insurmountable that it would send me into spiraling depressive state or have me explode in rage. With therapy, I can now say that communication is KEY. It holds the key to the gate that either unleashes my anger or holds it in place. I possess that key now more than ever by talking out my challenges and constantly evaluating what makes me tick and why I feel the way I do when I do. It’s also helped me dive into family dynamics that I never thought even existed to that level. I love my sessions now and even though they are rough at moments I am better for them.

D from New York

Going to therapy as a black man has been a freeing experience. I didn’t grow up in the typical household where therapy was frowned upon. Going as a family, in HS and as an adult was seemingly something I was supposed to do. As I got more into my adult life, I began to realize how therapy was looked at in the black community and for black men. I personally am glad I was not told to “suck it up” and ignore my emotions. My dad was a proponent of it which helped shape my introspective ability.

Michael Collins, Jr.

Seeking outside counsel to help me become a better man and husband to my wife was the best decision I have made in my adulthood. It takes a sincere person and an individual who can perceive your problems through a lens that is culturally sensitive in order to provide constructive feedback. Luckily my wife and I were able to find all that and more in Vladimire. She has been with us at every step of our marriage and I still hear her words echo throughout my relationship with my wife and for that, I will be forever grateful for having someone so committed to our success.

Isaiah Frazier

Recently Added Therapists

We would like to welcome the following therapists to


    Shandra J. Ross, MS, NCC, LPC, LCAS, CHt, DCC, CSI

    I began my professional career in North Carolina State Government, with the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in 1996 for eight years. In 2004, I transitioned to the mental health/substance abuse field where I held various positions within public mental health agencies. I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Read more [...]


    Valyncia N. Graham

    Now accepting most major insurance plans! Have you found yourself in the same relationships over and over. DO you feel STUCK in unhealthy relationships with your family and friends? Have you ever said to yourself “How did I get here again?” Do you have difficulty saying “no?” Unhealthy relationships can leave us heartbroken and unfulfilled. Read more [...]


    Dr. Andre R. Marseille

    Hi! My name is Dr. Andre Marseille. I am an internationally trained Existentialist and Positive Psychotherapist (PPT). Not to be confused with Positive Psychology, my goals in therapy are to help clients achieve Life-Balance. According to PPT, life can be viewed in four domains including: (1) body/health, (2) work/achievement, (3) relationships/traditions, and (4) meaning/fantasy/spirituality. The Read more [...]

  • Clifford J. Clark, LLMSW, CSAT-C

    With more than 15 years of working with diverse populations in marriage and relationships, inpatient psychiatry, community centers, health care, and church settings, my specialty is Sex Addiction, Marriage/Couples and Men’s Issues, . I am a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (C) treating the full spectrum of sexually addictive behaviors and paraphilic disorders. My integrative therapy Read more [...]

  • Danny R. Gibson

    I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), with Master’s Degrees in both Psychology and Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. I have private practice offices in the mid-city area of Los Angeles and in downtown Los Angeles. My role as a psychotherapist is to provide a safe and nurturing therapeutic environment for clients to Read more [...]

  • Dr. Bobby L Armstrong, II

    My desire is to help and to assist you in OVERCOMING your obstacles and EMPOWER yourself to live the life you desire , whether you are seeking therapy as an individual , a couple, a parent or a family , the focus and end point will always be to come to a conclusion that is Read more [...]

  • Dr. Kristina Daniels

    Life can feel overwhelming at times. Some might find it difficult to find the emotional courage to seek psychotherapy when you are already dealing with a quagmire of complex competing loyalties, identities, and personal and political conflicts. Whether you are dealing with the stress of racial identity, cultural integration, concerns related to fertility, substance abuse, Read more [...]

  • Jelisha Gatling, LMFT

    As a marriage & family therapist, my work centers on helping couples and individuals navigate relationship issues. Whether you are single, dating, married, or in between….it’s important to heal from past wounds to experience yourself and your relationships in more positive ways. We all have baggage….baggage from our childhood…baggage from past relationships….. we will unpack Read more [...]

  • Martinez I. Sellers, MTS, AMFT

    As a black man, I too have suffered from a great deal of mental health challenges in my past that I did not know how to navigate through… but there is HELP! I am a Mental Health Therapist in the Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and Lake Arrowhead Areas in Southern California specializing in Adolescent, Young Read more [...]

  • Seneca Williams,LMHC

    How do you live your best life…Now? Simple, first, focus on your strengths, play those up. Then focus on what areas you need to improve. It’s time to get your life right in 2019! My name is Seneca. I’m a licensed therapist, life and career coach and my practice is 100% ONLINE for your convenience. Read more [...]

  • Crystal Joseph, CCM, LCPC, LPC

    Are you tired of drab, mundane, and ordinary? I hope to be the supportive, empowering, complementary professional to your presenting issue(s). If you are an “out-of-the-box” person, seeking a unique solution, I may be the counselor for you! I have over ten years of clinical and research experience. I hope my love for research and Read more [...]

  • Dr. Alvin Sutherland, Jr.

    We commit to staying on the leading edge of the exploration and discovery of human potential. Your decision to seek counseling heralds a turning point in your life. In our rapidly changing world, people often seek professional guidance to remain on an even keel. We currently serve 11 counties in the metro Atlanta area providing Read more [...]

  • William H. Hemphill II

    I work with couples because I have been married for over 20 years and know some of the challenges and rewards of being in a stable relationship. Also, as a child of divorce I understand some of the damage and trauma a broken relationship can bring to children. In particular I draw upon spiritual traditions Read more [...]

  • Aja Burks, LMSW

    My goal is to provide a safe place where you feel heard, a place to be yourself. Whatever you are faced with, I will be with you along the way to help address things that may hinder you from finding the peace and balance to achieve your goals. I will always provide a safe space Read more [...]

  • Kimberly Gist Miller, M.S., LMFT

    Psychotherapy is a wonderful opportunity to shed light on those issues in life where we are having difficulty, so that individuals and couples can begin to make the necessary changes in their relationships and lives. I am most known for my candor, honesty, humor and my ability to help clients get to the root of Read more [...]

  • Janelle Gray, LPC

    I’m located in Houston, Texas and primarily use a solution based approach with my clients. I specialize in anger management, stress management, and effective communication skill building.

  • Natalie Graves

    So, what brings you’re here today? What are some goals you would like to achieve? That’s what I want to know in the first session when we meet. I have a passion for helping athletes. When you meet with me, you enter a space that is non-judgmental, comfortable and safe. I pride myself in building Read more [...]

Recently Added Coaches

We would like to welcome the following coaches to

  • Djemie Maurancy, MSW

    Accepting New Clients: Yes

    Your life circumstances do not have to define your future. My therapeutic techniques and Life coaching startegies are designed to transform your life’s hardest moments into the most powerful; allowing you to find success in all facets of life. As a therapist and life coach with over 12 years of expertise, I can assist you Read more [...]

  • Tray Kearney

    Accepting New Clients: Yes

    I help men deal with matters of the heart. Whether it’s a disconnect from their mother or a totally devastating break-up. I give men tools to heal and get back on track with their lives so they can be successful in all areas of their lives.

  • Talib Jasir Fleming

    Accepting New Clients: Yes

    Talib Jasir is the CEO of FWD Movement and a creative entrepreneur with over 15 years of advertising agency account management and professional coaching. Talib’s in-depth involvement with creative entrepreneurship lends itself to projects of all scale and forms, and allows him to craft unique and forwarding client experiences. FWD Movement is committed to the Read more [...]

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Why Therapy?

Why Therapy?

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